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Apr 15, 2013 1:00pm PDT
small improvised explosive device. that would be, in other words, a homemade bomb. evan coleman is an msnbc terror analyst. evan, what do you make of what we just reported? >> yeah, well, i mean, unfortunately these days there are a number of different groups out there promoting among its membership and its supporters the idea they should build their own small, you know, improvised explosive devices and set them off in crowded areas that are, unfortunately, you know, not necessarily prime targets but they're soft targets. and if that's -- if this, indeed, is a small ied, the fact is is that you have a group like al qaeda in the arabian peninsula which put out an english language guide including something titled how to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom. it's something designed to allow small grade extremists to be able to carry out something even on this scale. i think it's important even if this is determined to be a deliberate act, or politically or ideologically motivated, to keep in mind something like this is well within the capability of one small determined extremist.
Apr 4, 2013 11:00am PDT
? thank you. mr. evans please call item number four. >> item number four is a hearing to consider the issuance of on sale beer license to cesar ascarrunz for cesar's ballroom located at 820 26th street. >> and do we have a representative from mr. ascarrunz here? >> good morning supervisors. >> good morning. >> i believe you know who i am. the beginning of my entertainment was in north beach and i was the only business at that time for 10 years that i used to do benefits for the youth program in the chinese community and also the italian community and also seniors. in the 60's i was the only night club to allow gay dances in north beach, no other club in san francisco area at that time was able to do that. even i help -- i never knew mr. harvey milk was gay. i helped him with the leaflets in north beach because i liked his style. when i moved to the mission district in the early 70's there was the quieto crime drug and 6:00 o'clock was finished. there are only two places on valencia -- [inaudible] and nothing else. up at the mission there was the a couple o places and a few pro
Apr 7, 2013 6:00pm PDT
is derek evans. please give announcements. >> please silent all cell phones and electronic devices and speaker cards should be submitted to the clerk. items today will be on the agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you. we're have six items on the agenda. we're going to move quickly one through five so we can get to the hearing on pedestrian safety and chaired by norman yee and another one by supervisor breed as well. mr. evans please call item one. >> item one is consider the issuance of on site liquor license for dion cheng and rachel cheng at 543 2nd street. >> thank you. i believe we have a staff report on this. let me just say that is there a staff report from inspector vancoal or others on this item? >> inspector keller san francisco police department alcohol liaison unit. raichian cheng has filed a application with california alcohol and beverage control seeking type 42 on sale liquor license for 543 2nd street. this location is midblock on second street between brandon and bryant streets. this premise is located in plot 274. this plot has 94 police reports rec
Apr 17, 2013 3:00pm PDT
" and by phone, edwin evan coleman. what do you notice about the type of event that the bombers chose, a marathon. what does that say to you? >> it's very difficult to pin this on one group or one cause right now but if you do look at the targets here, at least in my opinion, this doesn't show an extreme right-wing group or white supremacist group. there's no doubt that these kinds of groups have gone after marches and parades but that's more to civil rights marches, tied to a political cause or some particular event that is significant to one supremacist. aside from monday was patriots day, it's hard to see how it would fit into their agenda. also looking at the actual device that was used here, it was built using pressure cookers. no one has a monopoly from that technology, it does happen that al qaeda and yemen has very recently been urging people to build their own homemade bombs using, guess what, pressure cookers titled under "how to build a bomb in the kitchen of your mom." so certain thrly there are a lo questions out there. these facts look suspicious. >> mark, you're the expert on extre
Apr 13, 2013 6:00pm PDT
of a california teenager who killed herself after her sexual assault was posted online. carter evans has the latest. and the youngest master. they've never seen anything like this 14-year-old in augusta, but terrell brown tells us how slow play almost derailed him from his fast track. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod with the west coast edition of the broadcast. the campaign for tougher gun control laws moved ahead on multiple fronts today, both inside and outside the white house. with a week of crucial senate debate just ahead, those pushing for new laws made their appeals on the most personal of terms. senior white house correspondent bill plante begins our coverage. ( applause ). >> reporter: supporters of tighter gun control demonstrated across the country today, part of a strategy to keep up the pressure on congress as debate dpins in the senate. linda brundage was in lansing, michigan. >> listen, listen to the 90% of people who want common gun sense. >> reporter: the demonstrations came after a week of lobbying on
Apr 14, 2013 6:00pm PDT
evans has the latest. cheering the death of margaret thatcher. >> ding dong the witch is dead. >> explaining whthe british prime minister evokes strong feelings even after she's gone. >> and new hope taking root, anna werner introduces us to the those bringing the fire rife aged lost pines of texas back to life. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> good evening, i'm jim axelrod with a west coast edition of the broadcast. for the last month they've been looking for kor killers of three people including two prosecutors in kaufman, texas. about 30 miles southeast of dallas. in the last 72 hours the search for clues has narrowed it to two locations and apparently one man. we have two reports tonight beginning with manual bojorquez. >> investigators search the storage facility saturday about 10 miles from where the murders happened. they pulled a white crown victoria from one unit. also multiple guns, ballistic tests are being done on the weapons to see if they are connected to the murders. just a day before the search focused on the kaufman, texas, home o
Apr 4, 2013 6:30pm PDT
condition number nine. >> thank you. can we just have a roll call on this item mr. evans? >> supervisor wiener. >> yeah i don't want to vote against the license. i support the license so maybe what we can do is i can make a motion to amend to remove number nine and vote on that and i'm going to vote for the license whether or not condition nine is there because i think this is a great application. >> that sounds fine and i know ms. bruses spoke in spoke of the alu conditions. it doesn't prohibit the owner from voluntarily using the electronic surveillance as suggested by the alu as well so your motion supervisor is -- >> well, i would make a motion to forward this with positive recommendation without condition number nine and i would say as a district supervisor i am very sensitive to the needs of the district supervisor to work with the community and have appropriate limitations on venues, but i view this as this is a city wide issue because this is happening all over the city. >> okay. i think i will be supportive of that as well, but so can we move this forward with a positive rec
Apr 9, 2013 3:30am PDT
't be here today. fire commissioner andre evans. thank you very much. it's wonderful to see such say big crowd here today to celebrate the opening of this new station as people have said before has been way too long to be honest since there has been a new fire station in the city. on behalf of the fire commission, i want to say we are incredibly proud to be here and incredibly excited and think it's appropriate that the men and women who give so much to the city that they are given state of the art facility. i'm so glad that this wonderful fire station is opening. i don't think it's everyday that -- it's not everyday that a private institution comes forward and says let's do something great for the city. i want to thank all the members who put in so much time and effort into making this fire station what it is. i think the results speak fore itself. it's first class and i think it's going to serve the community for a long time to come. so thank you very much. >> thank you, commissioner evans. before we call up our next speaker, i want to acknowledge our members of station 1. i apprecia
Apr 23, 2013 12:35am PDT
this mic if you don't mind? [ light laughter ] what is your name? >> evan. >> jimmy: evan. >> evan. >> jimmy: evan? very good. e-v-a-n? >> mm-hmm. >> jimmy: evan, the new tom cruise movie "oblivion" just came out. set in the future. it's a good sci-fi movie. 60 years in the future. my question is, 60 years, what is a new invention that everyone's using? >> ooh. boy, you put me on the spot. i don't know. >> jimmy: i don't think i'm gonna test you on this. i mean, i don't know what it's gonna be. [ laughter ] >> i'm hoping for the hoverboard. >> jimmy: the hoverboard. like "back to the future." he said, "finally." stoner's at home are going, "absolutely, man. the hoverboard." you have to have the hoverboard from "back to the future." >> of course. >> jimmy: michael j. fox, he rocks. and in the future we'll probably all be living on the moon, right? >> of course. >> jimmy: yeah. we're gonna probably change the name of the moon. what would we change the name of the planet to be? any word. >> chili's. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: is it on the board? survey says? all right. ♪ chili's is the
Apr 6, 2013 10:00am EDT
, these tenders are super convenient for working parents. i liked the bell and evans variety because they have a thick, meaty texture. instead of these, my husband got applegate farms organic chicken strips. after a few days, i heated up a serving. after heating up a serving, i noticed that the strips -- which looked more like nugget -- seemed kind of puffty. the texture was totally different from what i was used to. it was airy and spongy and not very meaty. this chicken struck me as highly processed, yet when i looked at the box, it informed me that the chicken i was eating was, in fact, minimally processed. quote-unquote. organic rice starch, sea salt and natural flavor in the chicken. in the breading there was wheat flour and a bunch of flavoring. intrigued and confused, i did what by now had become an occupational habit, i added the remaining frozen nuggets to my collection of aging food items, and i should preface that by saying many, many years ago i started collecting all this process food because i became curious about expiration dates to see how long it would last, and i have all thi
FOX News
Apr 2, 2013 4:00pm PDT
place. officials say evan ebil got out of prison early because of a paperwork mistake. more on that in a moment. police say ebil died in a shootout with cops in texas about 100 miles from coffman where somebody killed the other two prosecutors. investigators tell us it's too soon now to say for sure whether there is any connection. dan springer is on fox top story. he is live in coffman texas. what's the latest on the investigation there, dan? >> well, shep, the sheriff's department is closely guarding whatever information they have i can tell you a source talking to numerous inmates trying to find someone with information who will talk tomorrow them. meantime the search warrant police got does reveal that the d.a. and his wife were shot multiple times at close range. there is a report cynthia mcclelland's body was found near the front door and mike mcclelland's was near the back of the house. some believe it's the work of the aryan brotherhood a white supremacist gang. a member of kaufman county was put away for two life sentences back in july. a d.a. from a neighboring cou
Apr 16, 2013 6:00am EDT
ways? and what is the real danger of war? so, evans, would you take a stab at the first answer? >> sure. sure, richard, thank you very much, and thank everybody for being here today. i think in a number of respects as you look at the crisis as it has unfolded, it's easy -- especially for cynical, old korea hands like me -- to say there they go again, dÉjÀ vu all over again. and to some extent, there is a baseline level of similarity to previous crises that we've been through before. there's a baseline level of threat and rhetoric that one always hears from north korea, and so it's easy to dismiss that. but this crisis, i think, is somewhat different than past. the threats have been much more specific than in the past, the level and intensity of the rhetoric has been much more bombastic and over the top than in the past, and perhaps the biggest difference is in terms of north korean capabilities. ten or fifteen years ago we were not dealing with a north korea that had conducted a series of nuclear weapons tests. several years ago we were not dealing with a north korea that had successf
Apr 27, 2013 6:00pm EDT
golfing weekend with tom evans and his housemate dan quayle, among others. the delaware papers ... c-span: tom evans was? >> guest: tom evans was then a republican congressman who was one of president reagan's chief spokesmen in the house. he was rising very fast. the hometown papers found out and -- once again, it used to be the kind of thing that you thought of as a very private matter, but paula parkinson was a lobbyist, and at the time she went on that weekend, she was lobbying against a crop insurance bill that evans then voted against. now, the fact was that all the republicans and conservatives voted against it. the chances were almost nil that evans would ever have voted for it, but this connection was the hook. they ran the evans-parkinson story and he lost the next election. c-span: the story still follows vice president quayle? >> guest: she came back, as you know, during the last presidential campaign. by then we had become much more cynical about these women. she made her charges against vice president quayle -- i guess then candidate quayle -- saying that while they wer
Apr 19, 2013 6:00am PDT
and the train has since been released. i now want to bring in evan kohlmann, another one of our nbc terrorism advisors. evan, what can you, you heard all of this information. you're digesting it. tell us what you think is going on right now in the intelligence community and what, what you're sort of surmising as you hear all this information. one of the things that we are looking at beyond the government are the electronic trails that these folks might have left. not surprisingly it appears that two guys in their 20s, they were using the internet and it appears they did leave a trail behind. one of the more interesting aspec aspects, an wishlist which appears to be in the name of tamerlan tsarnaev, one of the suspects. some of the titles on that wishlist. >> let me stop you there. do we know this is -- we don't know for sure if this is his amazon wish list. >> i want to stress, we don't know for sure. >> but it is his name. >> i want to stop you there. our folks. we want to stop you there. we don't want to necessarily say this on air yet until we verify it. >> understood. the other
Apr 3, 2013 1:00pm PDT
to and click on -- >> best of rtm. >> this is evan. he's watching the daily show with jon stewart for eight years. totally in love with the show. >> comedian, tv host, rider and average lover. this is a job application, i want to be one of his correspondents. if this is my dream job, i have nothing to lose. he got up his courage, got friends together and put together this video to post on youtube. >> so, jon, here are four reasons to hire me. reason number one, i know politics, i know languages. i speak seven of them, look, a random german guy, [ speaking foreign language ] >> how hot is that? he speaks sev is speaking german, i think, right now. >> please. french is not one of those languages. reason number two -- >> this is my favorite moment. >> to show support, 100 ninjas came to the filming of this video. ♪ >> reason number three, if you hired me, your audience will increase by five -- >> i watch the daily show every night. i think this guy would be a perfect fit. >> we have evan via skype "right this minute" from croatia. welcome to the show. >> thanks, guys. this is so aw
Apr 4, 2013 10:30am PDT
without objection? thank you item number two mr. evans. >> yp two is a hearing to consider the issuance of off sale liquor license for f.m. smokes and wines located at 57 new montgomery street. >> so can we ask the applicant to come forward first and i know this was continued from our last meeting or from two meetings ago. >> good morning. from the last meeting i reach more to the community and i took some pictures of my store and i spoke to the owner of the building about my idea and he was supportive of my idea and we have [inaudible] in my district. and i got a lot of signatures, people supporting my idea, and i am hoping everything is fine. >> yeah thanks for all the good work on this mr. hannah. thank you. now a support from the alu . >> inspector keller from the alcohol liaison unit san francisco police department. f.m. smokes and wines filed an application with california alcohol and beverage control seeking type 21 off sale general for 57 new montgomery street located on the west side of new montgomery. there was two police calls for service from july 2011 to july 2012. zer
Apr 4, 2013 1:00pm PDT
time. i know how late the guy comes. mr. evans please call the next item. we will get through it as quickly as we can. >> item the for the pedestrian safety advisory committee. >> thank you and i know supervisor breed has a statement. i will apologize i can't join the hearing today. two weeks ago zach marks contacted me to request a hearing before the board. and he informed me by the by laws they're supposed to update the board of supervisors each quarter. i know others have done it in the past yet the committee hasn't had the opportunity to do so in a year. pedestrian safety is extremely important to me. i am actively working on improvement projects including masonic boulevard and bike lanes and the octavia corridor and it's a critical of san francisco transportation and safety efforts and i am grateful that the board will have an opportunity to hear from the members directly today. thank you. so that is a statement from supervisor breed. i would like to introduce markiewiczs>> >> thank you for having me here today. as you know and heard today the facts are alarming a
Apr 4, 2013 6:00pm PDT
? thank you. >> thank you everyone. mr. evans please call number three. >> item number three is a hearing to consider the transfer of a type one off sale general license from address fow to 500 laguna street for krista avery and manuel bargiela for o camino dba nosa ria. >> is ms. avery or mr. bargiela here from the business? >> i'm going to put this jump drive in quickly. some pictures. i am krista avery. thank you for your time. manuel couldn't be here today. he is employed with a local company as a director of information of technology so he couldn't join me but i will speak on our behalf. are you able to see those pictures? >> yes. >> okay. it will just go through a slide show of pictures of the store. the first picture was manuel and there he is in the store front but i will let these go through as i speak if that is okay. if you would like me to stop it please let me know. so to introduce myself and manuel. i have lived in san francisco 15 years and manuel 13. we reside in glen park where we have our home for five years and i spent -- i started my career in san francisco w
Apr 12, 2013 3:00am PDT
to be voting against the amendment. >> so mr. evans can we have a roll call on the amendment. >> on the motion for the moment by supervisor wiener. supervisor wiener. >> aye. >> supervisor yee. >> no. >> supervisor mar. >> no. >> mar no. we have two no's, one aye. >> can we have a roll call on the item? supervisor wiener. >> i don't think we need a roll call. >> just move it with recommendations. >> we can move the item forward without objections colleagues. thank you. thank you. mr. evans please call the next hearing item. >> item number five is a hearing and presentations from the municipal transportation agency, planning department, transportation authority and department of public health. >> and this has been called by supervisor norman yee. >> thank you. i requested a hearing on pedestrian safety issues on district 7. i did so for many reasons. i know first hand how important an issue it is. i know it's important to hundreds of people that i spoke to on the campaign trail who shared their stories. i also know that because of the dozens of district 7 residents that have reached out
Apr 15, 2013 11:00pm EDT
checkpoont. ttere are no walls and many pnd outtof the vicinity.evan wolffformer senior advisor to the deet of homelann security "whhn yyu have boobings and mass targets ike a boston walls and don't have ways off may e eennprecisell why the -3 suspect oorsuspectssccose ttis type of event.buttit aiies the quession of how much an actuaallybe done? and what specific meassres ill be incident doesn't happpn again. evan wolffformer senior pdvisor o the dept f homelanddsecurity it's veey hard to protect an eveet wherre quickly innann out of the offoo homeland security haa pp preparrd for nd plnnnd forr so they'll bb ii many ways next time."as liveeouu: kristine frazzowashington dcas p rreult of the explosions in boston, several other citiie los angeles ann san francisco as well as here in wwshington d-cc- where wer ssw heightened sscurity iiclluing for a time toddy here in ashington shutttng down the area i'm kristine frazao in sue. - several.... hundred... marylanders bootonn../..aul gessler... many... of them.../ and... &pbaltimore...//.he''... treaming live... prnning"".. pn... nor
Apr 1, 2013 12:30pm PDT
, walker evans took pictures out of a moving vehicle. in fact, strangely, right upstairs in the library before this talk i was looking through my side and i have on there a gallery from evans that is called drive by pictures and it is about 30 images of him flying down the road in mississippi and georgia and taking pictures of shot gun shacks and so forth from this moving car that was zipping along. and so there are other photographers that have explored the drive by. and in this case it was like i was hijacking this virtual world and also emerging myself in it. and i came to know these towns and these places almost in a way as if i ex-flowered it. it is really change, really a strange thing. and i know this super well, and i have never been there. >> i know every street in my mind i see the layout of the neighborhoods. you know the main streets and the turn offs? strange thing, i was thinking who would have thought that three decades ago that someone would be presenting a pick of america that was taken by machines and then hijacked and then represented, and reshown here in a library in
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 412 (some duplicates have been removed)